Our Newest Offering - Just in time for the 19th Amendment celebration in 2020.

Carrie Chapman Catt -  Women's Suffragist & founder of League of Women Voters!!!

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Famous American Women tell their amazing stories
in Heritage Theatre Guild's nationally-recognized living history presentations

Meet Famous American Women whose stories will entertain, educate and thrill you in live presentations.  Living History for your organization, stage, school, historical society, library, business or general audience.  Amelia Earhart, Martha Washington, Betsy Ross, Clara Barton, Louisa May Alcott, Mary Todd Lincoln, Dorothea Dix and more.   Entertaining and highly-researched presentations which have been recognized and underwritten by arts and humanities organizations throughout the country for groups of all ages.  History has never been so accessible.  Beautiful costumes!





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Heritage Theatre Guild presents...     ​​Famous American Women...and more!

Heritage Theatre Guild presents

​Famous American Women...and more!

history aLIVE!


Affordable Bookings for your Stage, School, Historical Society,
Library, Business, Club or General Audience.



Our priority is to make America's past entertaining and engaging while adhering to rigorous standards of authenticity. 


Live One-Woman Historical Presentations...Optional Q&A... Speeches...Meet & Greet Events... School Programs... History of Tea...and more! 

Experience History through the power of First-Person Presentations!